Voordelen TwinTrailer

Below you will discover why the TwinTrailer makes your life easier. Convinced? Be sure to check out the technical details of our trailer!

Discover him in 360°




Easily save tens of minutes a day! In just a few seconds your TwinTrailer is ready to load and unload different types of machines. This is fast and efficient, just like switching between transport and tipping. The tipping itself is also easy and fast and is not very intensive or time-consuming.

How does the TwinTrailer save time every day?
  • The functional doors at the back of the TwinTrailer have 2 types of hinges which make it possible to open them to the sides as well as tilt downwards. To do this you only need to open the correct closures depending on the function. Tilting downwards is also supported by gas springs to minimize effort and protect your back.
  • Thanks to these quick and simple actions, your TwinTrailer is ready for loading machines or emptying the charge in no time.
  • The cylinder for tipping is located in front of the loading bed and not between the axles. This means it has more power which provides more speed.
  • The extremely large tipping angle of 51 to 55° also ensures a quick emptying of your loading platform.
  • When loading machines via the ramp, you no longer have to waste time pulling out and arranging separate ramps according to the width of your machine. You also no longer need to place the support legs as they automatically touch the bottom when loading your machine.
  • Thanks to its double function as transporter and tipper you only need one trailer to do both, so no more running back and forth for two trailers.


For the construction of this trailer, investment was made in solid and robust material, so that it lasts a long time and is worthy of your trust. The use of solid and sturdy materials and a number of measures ensures that you will earn back your investment in no time.

What makes the TwinTrailer so profitable?
  • The TwinTrailer is made of strong materials which ensures its durability.
  • The surface of the loading bed consists of an aluminum floor with stainless steel rivets under which a concrete plywood plate is glued. By not piercing the plywood, we avoid water infiltration. In this way we exclude putrefaction and the soil lasts longer.
  • The chassis is made of extremely strong steel which guarantees the sturdiness without unnecessarily making it heavier. (TT 35-35: 4mm & TT 35-40: 5mm)
  • The sides are made of aluminum, which is a durable and sturdy but light product and also unlimited recyclable.
  • The chassis is equipped with crosses to absorb the pressure, as is a reinforcement bridge on the axles and along the front.
  • The overlapping of the welding points on all beams on the chassis ensures extra strength.
  • The axles on the TwinTrailers are the best and most solid torsion axles on the market.


The TwinTrailer is extremely safe to use thanks to its well thought-out design with ramp. No more taking risks with heavy, clumsy and dangerous separate ramps.

What makes the TwinTrailer so safe?
  • Thanks to the double hinges, the rear doors can be used as a 2m wide ramp. This makes loading all kinds of machines efficient and safe. You no longer have to estimate where you have to drive, as is the case with separate ramps. There is no longer any risk of ending up next to the ramps while driving up.
  • Placing this ramp is safe, fast and easy because of the support with gas springs.
  • In addition, the tilting loading bed ensures a smaller ramp angle, which again ensures the safety of the user. The grids of the ramp also provide an initial cleaning of the tires / caterpillar tracks, so you can never slip again.
  • This ramp angle means there is no kink between the ramp and the loading bed, so you can't get stuck with low-hanging machines. This feature in combination with the wide ramp is ideal for (zero turn) mowers
  • The support legs touch the ground automatically while putting weight on the ramp
  • The low loadbed height (63cm) ensures a lower centre of gravity which in turn contributes to a safer road handling.
  • Anti-slip profile on the grille and anti-slip aluminum tear plate at the transition between ramp and loading platform for extra safety.


This trailer is not only comfortable to use because of its efficiency. The TwinTrailer was also built with a view to putting as little strain as possible on the user's body, which is certainly not an unnecessary luxury in a physically demanding job.

How does the TwinTrailer contribute to your comfort?
  • Thanks to the easy conversion from Tipper to Transporter with the electro-hydraulic 3-way valve and control you can switch from one function to another without any effort.
  • By using the remote control you can watch your charge from a distance during tipping or lower the bed while loading a machine.
  • The double function gives you the opportunity to do several tasks without needing a complicated plan or doing multiple trips to switch trailers when you need both a tipper and a transporter on one job.
  • The support of the doors with the gas springs makes sure you can place and put away the ramp easily without putting a burden on your body.
  • The support legs touch the ground automatically when loading the trailer. No more forgetting to place or remove them!